• Image of Vancouver Special Christmas card
  • Image of Vancouver Special Christmas card
  • Image of Vancouver Special Christmas card

Vancouver pride! The iconic design of Vancouver Special houses and has a special place in our hearts.

From wikipedia: "Vancouver Special is a term used to refer to houses built in a particular architectural style in the period from roughly 1965 to 1985 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and its suburbs.

There are houses in the Lower Mainland dating back to the late 1940s that look almost identical to the Vancouver Special-so the housing design ideas predate the 1960s mass popularization and mass production of this kind of housing.

Vancouver Specials are characterized by their typical "box-like" structure, low-pitched roofs, and balconies across the front of the house. Brick or stone finishes on the ground floor are characteristic of the ground level facades, with stucco on the 2nd or 3rd floors.

Vancouver Specials have similar floor plans with the main living quarters on the upper floor and secondary bedrooms on the bottom, making them ideal for secondary suites.

From a builder's point of view, it is a very sturdy—yet cheap in material and time—design to build."

We commissioned our friend Marcus Hynes (@elkhemist) to use his considerable talent and design this wonderful card as a tribute to our beloved home town. (It's sized 5x7" so you can sign your name reeeeallly large, or write a nice holiday message for the lucky recipient.)

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