• Image of Mini Holiday Stamps
  • Image of Mini Holiday Stamps
  • Image of Mini Holiday Stamps

The most adorable little holiday stamps have just arrived in our DGS stockings!

Stamp our kraft envelopes or wrapping paper, glassine goody bags or shipping tags...or the whole lot of them!

Each stamp is made a high quality rubber and mounted on a wooden handle that measures approx. 2 1/2″ tall. Each stamp image size is approx. 3/4″.

Stamps available are:
plain snowflake
snowflake with border
plain banner
plain triangle pennant
polka dot triangle pennant

SHIPPING NOTE -- At this time we are unable to tailor shipping fees per province or state, and just have a Canada-wide and USA-wide fee. Because of that, if there is an difference between what you pay for shipping and what we pay at the post office, you can expect a refund on shipping. We always refund overages!

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